T. Lombardi

Tony LombardiTony Lombardi entered the real estate industry in 1974 in northwest Florida within the resort-hospitality segment of the industry. Lombardi has held positions with the Frates Company (FRACORP), Hardesty Realty Corp. and The City of Tulsa as its Real Estate Director. He has held board administrative positions with the Tulsa Parking Authority, the Tulsa Development Authority and the Sales Tax Oversight Committee with the City of Tulsa.

He has been an adjunct professor of Business for Tulsa Community College and Oklahoma Wesleyan University. His career has touched all aspects of the real estate industry including marketing and advertising, golf course development and marketing, retail, office, hospitality, residential multi-family as well as single family marketing and sales.

Lombardi began the purchase of Stan Frisbie Real Estate in 2006. Today, Tony serves as the owner and Managing Principal Broker of Stan Frisbie Real Estate, LLC. Lombardi works with a wide customer base to develop marketing, acquisition, disposition, and development strategies with a proven track record of success through the use and application of current best business practices. In addition to marketing and sales, Tony has been instrumental in the implementation of programs for local government entities, as well as non-profit organizations in their efforts relating to real estate marketing, value assessment, and the development of strategies for project expansion.

Tony can be contacted via phone at 918.284.3461 or email at tony@frisbielombardi.com.

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