Glenpool Public Schools @ 141st & Elwood, New Elementary School

A rendering of the new preschool and kindergarten building. A rendering of the new preschool and kindergarten building by Beck Design. Credit: News On 6
February 21, 2017 Published by admin

GLENPOOL, Oklahoma – Glenpool Public Schools is holding two bond issue forums asking the community to support two separate bond issues that will be up for the vote March 7, 2017. School representatives say the town is the fastest growing in Oklahoma, and the school system needs to grow in order to keep up with demand.

The forums are scheduled for 6:30 p.m. February 21 and March 2. They will be held at Glenpool Elementary, 461 East 146th Street.

Voters will decide two bond issues totaling $16.5 million. The majority of that money ($16.1) will go to building construction and improvements.

The largest project will be purchasing land and building a new lower elementary school for preschool and kindergarten age students. The school hopes to purchase a 16-acre tract of land just north of the corner of Elwood and 141st Street. On that land, they plan to build the new elementary school with safe room, gym, library and cafeteria.

The middle school cafeteria will be remodeled and modernized, and the high school will receive four new classrooms added to the Varsity Building.

Other projects include:

  • Security enhancements include fire panels, secured entrances and possibly a new “key” system to buildings and classrooms.
  • Technology equipment including Chrome books for high school students and additional student devices for middle school and elementary classrooms.
  • Roof repairs, upgraded HVAC units and parking lot repairs at all campus sites.
  • New uniforms for the Pride of the Warriors Marching band and equipment to help students compete at the 5A level.
  • Classroom furniture, fixtures and new equipment.
  • A panel truck with lift to assist with the transportation of prepared food from one site to the other.

The second bond issue is for transportation. The school hopes voters approve $400,000 for the purchase of four new school buses.

Read more about the bond issue at Glenpool Public Schools website.

Article By Dee Duren

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